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Bream at Lake Tyers

Fishing Tips from No Fuss Guss 

Guss knows the local conditions
and has skippered many fishing parties
 on the lake over the years. So here it is -

The Lake Tyers 

Fishing Report

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No Fuss Gus at Lake Tyers
19th July 2016 : Very Heavy Rains and fishing hard going
The lake has opened and is now tidal again with a natural breakout occuring on 7/7/16.  The entrance is quite wide and good flushing is occuring.  This is quite early as seasons go , so we may see another opening before Christmas.
The Twin Rivers Bream Comp' was very enjoyable, though somewhat cold in the mornings!!!  Many good fish weighed in, but not by my team.  We tried all three rivers, the Mitchell, Tambo and Nicholson and the lake system but without finding any big ones.  The flood conditions had made things very hard to read, and the people who caught good fish did very well indeed.  Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss

11-12th June 2016 : Local Fishing Club Competition
Weigh in at LTBAC v PA fishing clubsTwo clubs competed on Saturday and Sunday, The Port Albert Fishing Club, and my club, Lake Tyers Beach Angling Club.  The visitors were the winners, but a very good comp' was had by all.  Weather was challenging on the Saturday.  The visitors were using Clickers (or One Armed bandits) and had great success up around the Island.  The less fortunate anglers were pestered by huge numbers of very energetic small fry.  11anglers  weighed in fish totalling 44 Bream and 2 Leather Jackets.   Overall Port Albert won the comp, we must try harder next year.  Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss

30th May 2016 : Parking area near ramp nearly empty on Saturday
 Things are very quiet on the lake at the moment. People are still catching fish, but winter has settled in and more challenging in general.   Recent success for Jillian between The Island and Cameron's Tracks with local prawn and netting both good Bream and Flathead.  Try earlier in the morning and along the banks and shallows.  Hope to catch up with a few of you at the Twin Rivers Bream Classic.  See you there. Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss

14th May 2016 : Fishers very active on Lake
There were boats  everywhere today on the lake.  Best Bream catches were taken early in the morning, with most catches getting smaller, and smaller as the day goes on.  Plenty of small ones stripping bait, so take plenty.  Half peeled prawn was the most successful.  The cooling waters appear to be reducing Flathead catches, though many small ones are around last week.  Fishing the shallows (warmer?) around inlets near the Trident produced good fish. Plastics will also work with Bream as well as Flathed.  The lake is very clear and in beautiful condition.   Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss

News has arrived that Mulloway released as fingerlings October last year have been caught just below legal size of 60cm.  The local fishing club is helping collate scientific information on catches (and releases) of these fish in Lake Tyers.
Please visit this page if you land one, as your help will be greatly appreciated.

2nd May 2016 : Season not quite over
Around the end of the Channel Markers, Glass House and the bays into Fisherman's Landing have been providing good Bream action. Around the Red Cliffs down from Pirate Bay are yielding good sized Flathead.  The temperature of the lake is dropping quickly now and if you were thinking of fitting in one more fish before the winter break, this maybe the best opportunity.  The Autumn weather has been delightful with many days for good boating and fishing.  Don't forget the surf fishing is also easy access at LTB and well worth a try if sitting in a boat all day doesn't spin your propeller!  Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss

15th April 2016 : Quiet, but good fishing
Bream keepers around the 30-34cm mark are across the lower lake with Flathead being picked up over near the Glasshouse and the drop off alongside the sand flats and the Mud Islands.  Recent rain has not made much difference to the water levels, but it has  freshened up the local water and campsites. 
 Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss

1st April 2016 : Lake is healthy and plenty of fish
Jillian with a good haul of Bream Lake Tyers Beach 2016 Good bags of Bream on local Prawn being taken with anglers revelling in the warmer water and active fish. Use 1/0 to 2/0 hooks if you don't want to be taking small fry off your hook all the time. They will be hammering your bait so take plenty. The last few days of Easter holiday were dampened by 25mm of rain. However people down for the school holidays are getting some sunshine now.  Try the banks and shallows in the bottom of the lake with lures and plastics for some good Flathead.  Jillian makes our photo opportunity this week with a good haul of Bream taken at Easter time.
 Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss

25th March 2016 : Big catches around, but not for everyone
Nice Flathead from Lake Tyers, East Gippsland The Easter season is showing good catches of Bream, with warm water fishing is good across the lake.  Dave Ray, Colin and Cal did well fishing Labor Day weekend with Bream up to 35cm plus Flatties. In  3 days they managed 35 fish on the party boat, mainly Bream but we will feature a "keeper" Flathead in the photo.  Local Prawn and Pilchard are still the popular baits.  I hope you have a safe and productive Easter holiday, and don't forget all your safety gear as the Water Police are active at this time of the year. Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss
Check out Lynton Barr's comments on the Licence Fee rise.
9th March 2016 : Big catches around, but not for everyone
The Happy hookers angling club had there comp at Lake Tyers Beach last week end the weather was perfect with excellent fishing.  Some very good fish landed the comp winner's were Nick Hume Friday 70cm Flatty, Luke Hume Saturday 41cm Bream, and Sunday Frizzle 60cm Flatty.  The Jetty at Number 2 is being replaced. Catches of Flathead around Crystal Bay, Glasshouse and Blackfellows Arm.  Check Joe on the Brag Board for his monster. Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss

29th February 2016 : Weather and fishing are both good
Flathead 83cm Flathead, Pauline, Lake TyersThe lake is in tip top condition and while at a seasonal low is still popular with anglers.  One of the highlights reported in to me was a catch by Pauline from Geelong.  She caught a cracker 83cm Flathead and demonstrates the best way at the moment to handle a monster Flathead and get it back to the water with the best chance of surviving.  We also have had visits from the Torquay "Oldies and Youngies" a fortnight ago and the "Happy Hookers" last weekend.  Both groups had a good time and took home some very good fish.  Young Damian (the Publican) from the Nowa Nowa Hotel  has reported good Flathead in the Nowa Nowa end of the lake in the shallows flicking plastics from the banks.  If you want any further details drop in for a chat. Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss

13th February 2016 : Plenty of activity
Estuary Perch caught by Jack Crooks, Lake TyersPlenty of fishing boats and good fishing going on here at Lake Tyers.  Car park full and cleaning table busy.  Apparently Pilchard has replaced local Prawns as the bait of choice at the moment.  There are good Flathead to be had, and try inside the curves of bays.  There are plenty of undersized Bream around, but in between good fish if you are patient. Recently had a post from Jack Crooks who caught this Estuary Perch on a Z-Man Grub in Black Fellows Arm.  Certainly not one of the recently released fingerlings (they don't grow that quick!) but a nice indication of what we hope to see more commonly happening at Lake Tyers over the next few years. Nice work Jack. Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss  PS  Sorry about the absence of a recent tips page update as my mate Rob, who posts these for me, apologises to you all as he had been called away for a while on family matters.

26th January 2016 : Mixed Results
Flathead caught in Fern Bay, Lake TyersThere have been various reports around, some people people have found their favourite spots have been stirred up by the high level of long weekend boating traffic and are finding the fishing quite difficult.  Others, around Fern Bay for example, have been taking Flathead, Bream and Tailor.  As a result it may be time to try some spots high in the arms, above the 5kmph signs, and look for quiet spots along the banks.  If you believe the motors stir up the natural berley, then maybe alongside the channel markers is for you.  Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss  PS Hope you have a safe and enjoyable Australia Day!

9th January 2016 : Lake in tip-top condition
The streak of bad weather is over and with good weather comes good fishing.  On our outing today we caught Bream and Flathead, just missing a monster (got him to the top of the water for a look and he snapped the line :-( ) . Tailor were also in abundance and making a mess of light rigs.  Other catches were Trevally, many of very good size, and the occasional Leather-Jackets.  The lake is crawling with Garfish as well and they can be tempted with small bits of Prawn.  The Garfish are fairly small and maybe a more reasonable target in a month or so.  Good catches of Bream have been reported by others in the middle 30's to lower40's and plenty of Flathead in the keeping zone (>30cm and <55cm).   Prawns are reportedly running enough for the keen fishers.  Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss

31st December 2015 : Exciting new year coming up
The fishing has been hotting up, just like the weather and anglers are finding the work a lot easier than a few months ago.  There have been reports of good sized Bream and Flathead taken at many places across the lake, plus other species such as Tailor.  If you are new to the game, natural baits such as Prawns are your best bet (even food prawns!), but if you are familiar with the plastics/lure scene, then there will be plenty good strikes with them too.  Just passing a message on from our LTB Santa, he thanks all the people who either donated goods or time to help out make this tradition a success.  Great fun for all concerned.  I wish all you a safe, happy and prosperous new year, and of course with tight lines!!! Take care and easy as you go in 2016. No-Fuss Guss
Today we celebrated the life and achievements of Allen Beveridge,  (1/4/1925 - 12/12/2015)
He was a well known and well loved man, an elder of our Lake Tyers.
Founding member of the Lake Tyers Beach Angling Club and great community contributer.
15th December 2015 : Off the bank excitement
Just to fill in a quiet spot on a Sunday with a few mates we headed around to Mill Point and took ourt chances off the bank. A number of varieties were taken, including Bream, Flathead, Tailor, Tevally, Leather Jackets and Mullet.  The big rush was getting a couple of really big, but unsuccessful hookups on a Flathead in one case (line snapped), and most likely a Tailor in the other case (line bitten off).  Plenty of excitement and rod bending action.  Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss

13th December 2015 : Whiting have been caught
Flathead at Lake Tyers BeachThere has been good report this season of good Whiting catches in around the weed bedsBream at Lake Tyers Beach, Nowa Nowa Arm. inside the main lakes at Lakes Entrance.  It appears that some of these Whiting have also entered Lake Tyers while it was open and have been caught in the grass weed beds.  The lake is nearly closed, so what are there now, are all we will get, but checking the weedy areas with a Whiting rig could pay well.  Regular catches of Bream and Flathead continue to improve.  Photos here of Jillian amply demonstrate some good angling.  Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss
Don't forget the  Regional Recreational Fishing Roundtables 2015
2 December 7pm Toorloo Arm Hall, 430 Lake Tyers Beach Road, LTB 3909
27th November 2015 : Some good fish around but patchy
The Fishing Competition was run successfully at the Tavern last weekend and a good time was had by all.  Many people "weighed in" (or should I say measured and released?) fish, though for the time an effort put in and the skill of the fishers involved it was by no means likely everyone was going to be successful.  Best Bream was 45cm, but not many around that length, and best Flathead was 85cm and again not many cracked the 50cm length either.  However congratulations to Duggo and the boys at the Tav', a well run comp' with good outcomes for all concerned.  CU in 2016?   Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss
PS Lake has re-opened with storm yesterday.

19th November 2015 : Fishing Comp' with the Tavern
Fishing Competition being run at the Tavern, mainly Thursday evening to 4pm Saturday afternoon.   Not much to report as the locals are keeping their best spots to themselves to improve their chances. Snippets of info are that good Flathead are on the bite and others have caught decent Bream.  Experienced locals though still having the occasional bad day.  So be patient and try a few areas. I was planning to fish Saturday but unfortunately work committments have beaten me, and I will not be in the comp'.  However I hope to catch one or two of you after fishing hours at the Tav'.  Good fishing to all competitors and I hope you enjoy the Comp'.  Waterwheel Beach Tavern Fishing Comp Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss

10th November 2015 : Improvements all around
Flathead reported biting strong around the the Trident area and around the Island.  However the warm waters are now circulating and raising lake temperatures generally (21-22Degree C) and many more fish of various types are taking baits and lures. Experienced fishermen though still having bad days. Some reports of big flathead also up the Toorloo Arm (eg Blackfellows Arm)  as well, so look around.  Watch your lines if you are not rigged up appropiately, as the Tailor will make a mess of your tackle. Large amounts of green algae (the good, but messy stuff) is brewing on the lower lake's sand flats and maybe a nuisance over the next few weeks.  Just cast long and retrieve quick to come in over the top.  The algae provide good feeding grounds for the very small fish, so don't curse it too much.  Take care and easy as you go. No-Fuss Guss
Don't forget the Waterwheel Beach Tavern Fishing Comp Fri 20 & Sat 21st November Big prizes!!!
23 October 2015 : Flathead big'unsHuge Flathead at Lake Tyers Beach
Some big Flathead have been taken recently and local experts have been reported across the state with their amazing catches.  Lots of small Bream around that will go through your bait very quickly, but also reports of decent sized Bream are there as well. Try the shallow waters in any of small arms and where the temperature rise maybe more apparent.  Rowey and Luke Hume caught some nice Bream around the 39-42cm and Luke landed some Flatties into the Monster range. Nice work lads. No-Fuss Guss
NB A good way to handle a Lake Tyers Monster, support them, don't let them hang all their body weight from the neck down on a jaw-clipper, well done Duggo!

7th October 2015 : Flathead action
Plenty of Flathead action in Blackfellows Arm, with at least one boat today reporting in with an excellent take of good sized Flathead.  The warm weather may be a bit of a hard change for us to accomodate, but it could be the very thing that kicks the fish back into life with a good appetite!!!  Take care and easy as you go.    No-Fuss Guss

4th October 2015 : Patchy reports
Using Prawn above The Island has produced some excellent Bream around the 37-38cm, whereas others who have thrown everything at them lower in the lake have had no success.  Flathead are also being taken but in very low numbers.  Plenty of people taking advantage of the clean waters from the sandbar, but more for the exercise than the results.  The opening is still quite wide and strong flowing, and this time pointing towards the incoming recent swells from the southwest.  Tides should remain an influence until around Christmas time again.  A fairly quiet weekend, even though a holiday on Friday making it a long weekend.  Take care and easy as you go.    No-Fuss Guss
Boat Ramp Nos 2 now open!! Click here!!
28th September 2015 : Lures harder, bait consistent
Using lures has only produced sporadic results, wheras bait fishermen have found the fish hard to catch but doing lsightly better than the people using lures. Take care, and easy as you go. A bit more of the spring/summer heat and things will improve quickly. The tide is continuing to give a good flushing action in the main lower lake with plenty of clean water. 30-40mm of rain recently will continue to freshen the upper waters as well  About 10 trailers using the new nos2 ramp this morning indicates plenty of optimism around.  No-Fuss Guss
2013 has been Archived here...
14th September 2015 :Sucessful fishing competition
Weigh In at Fishing CompetitionThe Port Albert Fishing Club visited last weekend and took on the Lake Tyers Beach Angling Club in an all out fishing competition.  Many fish were taken, though mainly Bream with only a few Flathead, but other fish such as Leather Jackets and Tailor were around.  Various baits were tried over much of the lake and good catches were taken in Toorloo Arm with local School Prawn, and some of the visitors had success with live Yabbies (both Clicker and Freshwater).  With spring in the air, and the lake just beginning to warm up, we can take it that things will only get better from now on.  Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss Guss

19th August 2015 : Fish have quietened down
The news around the traps is that fish are hard to come by, and even keen locals are having to work hard to make catches.  The incoming bait fish continue to attract flocks of birds, and quite a few whale sightings have occured but not much excitement angling wise.  Small Trevalli are around and people have had gear lost to Tailor, but not much talk of Bream or Flathead.  Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss Guss

10thAugust 2015: The news is good
Shawn from the Shop!!!
The early bird gets the worm, or on this case it is Shawn from the shop landed a nice Bream 39cm and wife Leeane got an 18cm Pinkie. Plenty of bait fish on the incoming tide with lots of bird activity.  Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss Guss

9thAugust 2015: The Lake has Opened
The lake has been hard to report for two reasons I have been flat out in Melbourne the last few weeks workin' my butt off and they lake has been so  high that conditions  have been difficult to assess.  However the  suspense is over the  lake drained out today with a mighty gush through a pretty deep channel, so the wait for a really good break out has been worthwhile.  However the fishing will be difficult to predict over the next week or so until things settle again. Stay tuned... No-Fuss Guss

23 July 2015: Twin Rivers Bream Classic
Top Weight 2015 Twin Rivers Garry Gus FrancisNot exactly Lake Tyers fishing news, but I thought you might like to know that Gus caught the heaviest kept Bream at the Twin Rivers Bream Classic 1.471kg. He won a $175 prize for heaviest kept fish and cemented his name into the winners list.  It was a great team experience with Lorraine, Andrew and myself making up the numbers.  Gus has been studying the conditions and aiming to do well for a number of competitions, and with 600+ entrants, this time he has hit that sweet spot. Congratulations Gus!!!  Rob

3 July 2015: Tactics
Apparently with a good sounder schools of bream can be located from the Green House through to Trident. Once located, try hard body lures and vibes for best effect.  Lake level is steady and pretty dark with tannins after recent rains.  Nearly all the sands around the islands are now navigable with a tinny style vessel. Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

29 June 2015: Fish off the bite
Not much activity in the Nos2 Boat Ramp car park, and this is the same as the talk of the fishing. A lovely Sunday morning yielded no hits, and not even a hint the fish were interested in lures or bait.  Locals have reported likewise this last week. Maybe higher up, near Nowa Nowa it maybe different.  Definitely a winter chill in the air. Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

18 June 2015: Bream still the mainstay, but Flatties can be taken
Fishing has become much quieter, but there are still hauls for the experienced and canny around.  Apparently vibes and other hard body lures are working well if you can find the fish.  Use your sounder carefully and don't surprised if you find them in deeper water a little way up the arms.  Good hauls by tight lipped fishermen were taken last weekend, who shared little but a visual feast on the cleaning table. We have had 20+mm of rain just before this weekend end, so that maybe a game changer. Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

9th May 2015: Bream can be found
First time catch at Lake Tyers BeachThe rain has eased, we have had some good weather and the boats have been enjoying the higher lake levels.  People are finding very good bream up along the banks in the smaller arms in the Nowa Nowa and Toorloo Arms.  Using local prawn and anchoring off the bank, but fishing back to the bank into the shallows, some excellent catches are being taken.  The Flathead have become a bit harder to find, but never the less good catches are occasionally reported.  Generally the season is holding out longer this year.  Alin Tourian pictured with first time catches of 44&43cm Bream.  Great day out!  Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

29th April 2015: Lake responds well to plenty of Rain
Happy Hookers Catch May 2015Heavy rains last weekend did not dampen the spirits of keen anglers who collected live Prawn on the Friday night and used it to great advantage Saturday afternoon with the landing of a 47cm Monster Bream (Would that be a lake record for fishing or exaggeration?).  Also a very good haul of good sized Bream on very fresh local Prawn, and Flathead taking plastics made for a very good day of fishing for the Happy Hookers Fishing Club. Rowey won the comp' with the Monster Bream, well done!  Bream were to be found along the banks and well up in the small arms between Bulmers and The Island.  The water is quite dark and cloudy with the run-off.  Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

21st April 2015: Cooler weather is making it harder
Bream can still be found but the search is becomoing a good bit harder with big catches still possible but generally the feeding is slowing down.  What was hot last month is now producing good results one day an d marginal to poor the next.  Plenty of small fry taking easy baits and stripping hooks.  Fish generally wary of carelessly baited hooks, so keep the  metal covered.  Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

12th April 2015: Guest Tipster, Roy, has the Easter Report
Roy C and Family's Catch Easter 2015 Lake Tyers"Over easter period 2015, while staying at Waterwheel Cabins park with the family,my name is Roy C,and I have some pics to show how good the fishing is in Lake Tyers at the moment.  Best Flathead over Easter weekend was 65 cm,Gabby C's 36cm Bream at Lake Tyers released safely after pics and Bream at 36 cm.  Also good mixed bag every day out. All fish caught on Prawn, bait and plastics. When quiet, my wife Brenda C caught the 65 cm flathead and my little daughter Gabriella caught the 36 cm bream. Also caught nice Silver Trevally shown in our pics and a Flying Red Gurnard much to our surprise. But all in all fantastic stay with very friendly people in town, publicans very helpful and great food, thank you for a magnificent place and we'll be back very soon." Thanks Roy, take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

Special Community Meeting of Interest to all Anglers and users of the lake and ocean at Lake Tyers.
East Gippsland CMA invites members of the Lake Tyers Beach community and surrounding areas to a meeting to inform community about the protocols in place when considering an artificial opening of Lake Tyers. They provide guidance about how an artificial opening of the estuary will be handled in future.  The meeting will be held in the Lake Tyers Memorial Hall (Cnr Lake Tyers Beach Rd & Mill Point Rd) on Wednesday 20 May 2015 from 7pm-9pm.

4th April 2015: Good catches in many locations
Good catches of both Flathead (around 45 cm) and Bream (up to 43cm, but many undersized as well) are being reported around the lower lake, from Bulmers, down and back up to Blackfellows Arm.  With good Easter weather the fish have been active biters.  Bait appears to have the edge over lures at the moment.  However experience and good strategies could easily reverse that.  So take local Prawn (half peeling is a good variation that often makes a day successful) and your favourite lures. The lake is cooling gradually and this will slowly take edge off many fishes' appetite, but the season is not over by any means.  Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

18th March 2015: Action on the lower lake
Good sized Bream (Blue Noses) are taking Prawn right around the lower lake with patches off the Glasshouse providing plenty of action.  The are plenty of undersized Bream around as well, so consider using bigger hooks (eg 2-0 Baitholders) and baits (eg whole Prawn, half Pilchard) rather than smaller hooks, and do the little fish and yourself a favour.  You may have less hook-ups, but you won't be injuring fish you can't take home.  Plus there are still a lot of monster Flathead active so a larger hook and bait will not go astray with them either.  The upper limit on Flathead (over 55cm must be returned, and 55-30cm has a bag max 5) has seen numbers of catches of big Flathead increase, so best be prepared with the bigger tackle.  Prawn season still on, but getting to the end of the run this month.  Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

14th February 2015: Consistent catches
The pace has eased with holidays over for many, but the Bream and Flathead are still plentiful.  Around the channel markers, and even as close as Number Two Boat Ramp and Jetty are giving good sized fish and plenty of action.  Up the arms on both sides (eg above the Island) are worth the effort as well.  Glass House and the Green House with local Prawn, part peeled also working well.  Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

5th February 2015: Good results all around
The lake is fishing well with good summer catches being reported. The Channel Markers have been giving anglers good sport with catches of Bream and Flathead on Pilchard and Prawn.  Trident up to Camerons has also had good reports with similar baits and also plastics.  The Channel Markers were getting some repairs last week, and the entrance has completely closed.  Even big storms and high seas directly from the South East failed to re-open it, though some run-over into the lake did occur. Prawning has been lo-key so far but should kick start again next new moon which will be in about a fortnight's time.  Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

22nd January 2015: Things are heating up
The opening is nearly closed with the run in/out only occuring at the top of the tide.  The Prawns are beginning to run, and are there if you are prepared to put the time in.  Early morning is best for the big fish, but good Bream are also being taken during the day between Camerons and the Trident on peeled Prawn.  Cut Crab has worked well at Long Point, but generally the lake is fishing well lower down and a bit up each arm.  Even not so obvious, places like around the bouys have been producing good fish.  Pick the top or bottom of the tide to get the edge.  Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

5th January 2015: Lake providing plenty of action
Reports of very big Flathead on live Mullet have been coming in, with plastic lures around the edges though still giving people their Flathead bags.  Bream are taking Prawn and having some Pilchard handy would also be a good idea.  Not much action on the Prawn Season with only a few eager beavers out with lights so far.  North of the mud islands is still a popular spot with canoes, and people prepared to wade.  The Lake is still tidal and currently at lowest levels.  Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

20th December  2014: Bream and Flathead still going well
A recent visitor and his two girls had a good couple of days out using local prawn and putting whole prawns on the hook.  Good sized Bream were taken each day and a couple of good Flathead to mix it up a bit.  There is plenty of dark tannin coloured water about from the recent heavy rains, but people have reported this has helped catches rather than hindering them. Overall the lake is clean and healthy with only a few algal patches here and there.  Fishing off the jetties on a moving tide will multiply the algae on your line.  Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

15th December  2014: Bream are active
The live Mullet have been in the news attracting both good Flathead and bigger Bream.  Bream around north of Tern Island and Mission Point, along with Flathead and Leather Jackets, all taking peeled Prawn on a slow drift. Tailor are also punishing light rigs. Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

13th December  2014: Flathead setting the mark
Rowey from Happy Hookers with 73cm FlatheadThe Flatties  around the edges of the lower lake are biting strongly.  Recently quite a few very big Flathead have been caught well over the 55cm and returned.  Some have snapped lines, and given anglers a real fight.  If you want to catch one of these monsters consider a heavier rig! The ban on not keeping Flathead over 55cm appears to be paying off to the delight of many anglers.  Hopefully this will lead to more breeding and many more smaller Flatties in the system.  Bream have also filled people's bags as well.  Don't get stuck in a rut and just use the same old rig for Bream, if the pace is slow, try other things than vibes and plastics, you may get lucky!  Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

25th November  2014: A good season ahead
Big Flathead caught by Boyd McPhee Lake TyersThe Flatties are still taking the plastic lures and the Bream are on the local prawn.  Hard to pin point the best areas as many good reports are coming in throughout the lake.  Skippies are taking baits and making a mockery of any weak rigs, so be warned.  A few optimists are attempting late night Mulloway hookups, though any success is yet to be confirmed. A bit of bias though is towards plastics with Flathead in the Toorloo Arm, say Blackfellers Arm in particular, and then Bream, on local prawn (try peeled?) around the Glasshouse, lower lake area. (Check this recent catch by the Happy Hookers as a representative haul, note the Whiting!) Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss
12th November  2014: Good catches being reported
Plenty of good reports, hard to know where to begin.  Generally anywhere, and everywhere is doing good. Plastics are working well on the Flathead as they appear to be right back in season at the moment.  Night fishing from Number 2 Jetty producing some good results, with a few Tailor also being taken in the evening.  A steady stream of boats to and from the lake indicate that results  are good. The spring time weed continues to pose a few small problems but good casting and retrieving gets over it.  The lake is still strongly tidal and will probably stay that way until late December.  At high tide there are some good places for kayaks around the Mud islands's sandbanks to exploit.  Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

28th October  2014: The opening is producing variety of catch
Fishing the banks around the main lake on soft plastics. Plenty of quality Flathead from 40cm up to 82cm!  Up the lake towards the Trident, Flatties, good Bream, small Pinky Snapper, and a Whiting! Nowa Nowa arm before Devil's hole Flatties, Bream, ~3lb Snapper (not really a Pinky!!) and Tailor.  Flatties around Fern Bay, and good size bream.  Check the start of incoming tide.  Pilchard and peeled prawn were the best baits and plastics for Flathead. Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

23rd October  2014: The opening is producing variety of catch
Local prawn half peeled and on a relaxed line is taking good Bream around Blackfellows Arm, Fern Bay and around Long Point.  Dusk appears the best time to try with a variety of fish on offer, beginning with the usual suspects, Bream and Flathead, but also Leather Jackets and Tailor.  Mulloway and Whiting have also been taken in isolated cases, however the challenge is, they are there!  The Lake continues to be open and strongly tidal in the lower reaches.  The seasonal spring algae (the green good stuff) is taking off and will start to pose a challenge to anglers.  Tip: if just rebaiting, high rod tip, retrieve quickly and come in across the top, if you have a big one hooked, then good luck!  Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

13th October  2014: Things are looking up
 I had an excellent catch of 5 Bream (longest 37cm) were taken in the Glass House region near a channel dropoff that headed towards the opening. I was on the Party Boat (on a maintenance test run) with local Prawn from the LTB Shop on Sunday morning. The fish were caught quickly in succession and then everything went quiet.  Another local went out with his son, and his son out-fished him with a similar bag of fish last week (again Prawns for bait).  These were taken around Long Point and and Mill Point.  It would seem that generally the spring to summer trend of improving fishing is taking on.  Don't forget to look up the Tavern Fishing Comp 28/29th November there are excellent prizes.  Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

2nd October 2014: Very patchy, but a couple of highlights
Some good bream catches have been reported with local prawn and occasionally lures.  A few boats seem to find patches of good fish, and yet others struggle. Recent visitors, Brian and his mates from Oakley, at The Holiday Retreat using blue bait and prawn sourced at the local shop, got a really good haul of Golden Bream (along with Salmon and Trevally), mainly around the Toorloo Arm lower reaches.  Well done lads.

Highlight #1: Local lad landed a 90+cm Flathead in upper reaches of Toorloo Arm on plastic lures.  Biggest catch recently heard of.  Highlight #2: local bloke using a 2.0 hook lands smallest Flathead seen for a long while.  Needless to add, but both were returned un-harmed to the lake! Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

14th September 2014: Good catches possible

Bream at Lake TyersAfter watching at least 6 boats returning to the ramp, and not one fish rushed to the cleaning table, it looked like it was really hard going. However, then two boats came in, and while they were a team effort, the little boat did the heavy lifting fishing wise. We have been hoping for a turn around after the disuption of the opening- this maybe the start.

These Bream (most around the 31-35cm) were taken in the lower part of the lake, north of the mud islands, on slack lines, and "old" prawns. The two guys did well, and really broke the drought.  Other reports have come in also of Bream being active near Crystal bay, Burnt Bridge and The trident about a week ago(Happy Hookers Angling Club, Warragul).  Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

8th September 2014: Lake Tyers recovering

We would like to welcome guest tipster Daff who was out on the lake last week, and fished the lake hard and found the fish very scarce. Daff and Jimmy are locals and regularly do really well.  However, only one keeper managed after considerable time and distance covered.
Plenty of people  took advantage on Fathers day for a day out and hopefully they had better luck.  However they could not complain about the weather, it was a glorious day.  We would be expecting the lake conditions to settle into the strong tidal activity, and the fishing to pick up as the weather warms and the fish/bait stocks stabilize.  The opening does tend to "shock" the system for a few weeks, maybe only a week or two more to go, and things will improve. Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

23rd August 2014: Lake has been opened

Someone dug through the sandbar and caused the lake to open last Wed.  For those of you with long memories, tuck this away, it was heard that visitors with hard-body and plastic lures were catching plenty of Flathead up the Toorloo Arm, and local people were still able to bag out with Bream on Prawn just before the lake opened (we had just had 50-65mm of rain). Now that it has opened, it will take a while for things to settle into any pattern.  However considerable interest has been shown in what comes and goes in the lake at this early stage with plenty of fishers trying their luck at the new opening.  The opening is a broad shallow one at this stage, but tidal patterns over the next few weeks will consolidate it into a deeper channel.  Last year when it opened about the same time of year, the fishing was hard for a fortnight or so, but really took off after that.  Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

4 th August 2014: Cold mornings but beautiful weather

The fishing has been very quiet.  The boat ramp has been empty most days, and the only regular activity has been the filming of a drama movie up around Devils Hole and at the Trust.  The lake continues to be about 30-40mm of quick rain to take it out.  The sandbar is quite substantial but a bit of storm and a full moon with hight tides could be enough. Talk has it that fish head for the bar when the lake is about to open, so maybe  some lures behind the bar would be interesting? Rug up! Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

Special Announcement

We have a fun evening of fishing comp' activities and information happening on August 16, 2014 on the sandbar and at the Water Wheel Beach Tavern at Lake Tyers Beach.  3pm until late.  All funds raised to go to Melon Cottage.  Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss    For more details.....

16 July 2014: Not many but excellent quality

Johnny Jol at lake TyersWe have a local guest tipster this time, Johnny Jol: Good sized Bream (35-40cm) are taking peeled Prawn in the Toorloo Arm from Lonely Bay  up to Cherry Tree. Fish with a slack line as the fish are feeding very hestitantly and will need time to fully take a hook.  Sea Grass is plentiful and will provide resistance to retrieving a fish, much as if snagged.  Slow and careful is best and pull them through the weed.  No sinker may help present the bait better higher in the weed than pulled low by a sinker.
Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

5 July 2014 - Fish can be found

The rain appears to have had little effect as anglers reported good sized Bream taking Prawn (did not take any Sandworm!) near Long Point and Blackfellows Arm.   Other parts of the lake, such as the tempting access from the Tavern carpark have been very quiet (our coffees with egg and bacon rolls from the Store however were magnificient).  There is considerable weed being washed up and this may make choosing a spot to fish more difficult. The water has plenty of tannin in it, but otherwise in good condition. 20-40mm of rain will probably see the lake open to the sea. Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

25 June 2014 - Bream, Flathead, Pinkies and a Whiting

The recent rains have been and gone and about a fortnight after the last 60mm it took about three weeks for the fishing to have recover a bit.  Reports came on of bream, flathead, pinkies and a whiting being taken off the bank near number 2 Jetty at dusk.  Since then we have had 10-15mm of rain and may cause them to be unsettled for a little while longer.  Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

5 June 2014 - Bream becoming harder

The fishing has tapered off here with dedicated local in the know still taking good Bream and Flathead.  However the easy pickings for the casual visitor are very few.  Many of the fish will be heading up stream so perhaps starting at Nowa Nowa and coming down maybe a better option than a long ride from the lower lake.  Go easy on anything you think is spawning.  The Hoby Kayak Competition was on a fortnight ago and while a very well run event, Lake Tyers proved to be challenging and separated the men from the boys.  Congratulations to all the organisers and competitiors it was a great catch and release comp'.  Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

15 May 2014 - Bream still good

The temperature is dropping these mornings and the flow of boats onto the lake has slowed considerably, however good catches of Bream on baits is continuing.  A little early appears better than later and you may have to work for the last few in your bag, but the fish are high quality and well worth the effort.  Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

3 May 2014 - Fish in excellent condition

Bream caught at Lake Tyers Beach May 2014The Prawns are still around and the evidence is in the quality of the fish being taken. Both Flathead and Bream are producing excellent fillets when around the 45-50cm and 35-40cm respectively. Depths of 2 metres or so are  working well with local Prawn, both peeled and un-peeled.  Others have reported that hard bodied lures are also working well in the deeper waters. There is a bit of weed around but all the good stuff.  Some super sized Flathead have also been caught and released.  (Remember new rules: Flathead 55cm and over must be returned to the water unharmed.) Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

25 April 2014 - Flathead setting the pace

Good Flathead catches reported in Toorloo Arm section around Fern Bay.  Earlier this week people had been able to catch their own Prawns the night before, and take excellent Flathead on live Prawn the following day. Keeping your bait moving, drifting is a good thing to try.  Central in the lower lake, just north of the Mud Islands, is also attracting a lot of attention.  Good sized frozen Prawns are working well, though it is hard to imagine any fish in the lake not being sick of them by now!  Easter was very positive, but the temp of the Lake is now about 17\B0C and falling quickly from the high of around 23\B0C over summer. Considerable water has leaked through the sandbar as well, and lowered the lake.  So time is running out for this season. Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

14 April 2014 - Fishing all good

Huge down-pour of about 80mm.  People reporting catching Flathead on lures and slowly trolling (!!!) before the downpour, so an interesting concept?  More news later in the week, as it comes to hand.  Lake has risen about half a metre plus.  Not many out fishing while the rain and drizzle is about. Hopefully it will clear up for Easter.  There will definitely be plenty of water in the lake, but the rush of incoming fresh water can unsettle fish. Reports so far though have been encouraging.  Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

7 April 2014 - Fishing all good

Lake Tyers Flathead and BreamGood catches are being reported across the lake with most being taken on classic baits such as whole prawn, but plastics and other artificial lures are also proving effective on both Bream and Flathead. No need to travel far up the arms unless your are really into scenery and have your favourite spots already in mind.  Slight changes in the weather can work to your advantage, so don't let a little rain put you off.  Plenty of action on the Prawning scene with very good catches reported, however Easter means a full moon so that may make it a little harder.  Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

27 March 2014 - Lower lake and arms performing well

Get your prawns and use them whole, and on a good sized hook.  There are decent 40+cm Black Bream around and some excellent Flathead to be had.  
8lb Flathead March 2014Anchor up, and peg out if you have the poles, and fish back towards the drop away of the banks.  Don't nose up on to the banks and fight the weed. That will also help avoid the pesky little ones. Don't move about too quickly, if you have got one or two, the school might be back anytime.  The 15mm of rain will have helped freshen things up. Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

19 March 2014 - Bream everywhere

Good catches of Bream reported from Balckfellows Arm and Crystal Bay.  People reported bag limits were readily achieved.  Plenty of undersized ones though stripping bait.  So if you want some fun and don't mind throwing them back, then use small hooks, otherwise if you are only after quality fish put on the larger hooks eg 2.0 Baitholders and just keep the bait up to them.  Others have been taking bream from the bank and around the local jetties. Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

25 February 2014 - Bream and Flathead providing quality catches

Mill Point has been reported to be fishing well, recent catches of both Bream and Flathead being taken under the  powerlines.  Six Flatties and five Bream made a very successful day. There are also some thumper Bream coming on with Leanne at the shop nailing a beauty Leanne + Whopper(now on the bragger's page!). Plastics continue to perform well, but a well set up Prawn is pretty hard to beat, especially for the Bream.  Blackfellows Arm, across from Mill Point, has also produced some decent Flathead. Generally hunting around the lower lake near the drop offs, such as Glass House and Mud Islands, would be a good bet.  Easter is looking pretty positive.  We are just hitting a low point with the moon so the prawning people better have their batteries charged!! Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

12 February 2014 - Bream and Flathead catches have improved

Reports of good catches of both Bream and Flathead are coming in.  Nothing too difficult, and baits like local Prawn, our old standby, with some moving Pilchard for the Flathead are producing good results.  The lower lake and even around the channel markers are producing good fish with Flathead, above, below and within the legal  take-home limit.  Locals are finding their bag limit accessible with plenty of good sport in between. Hook ups with the occasional sideline fish like Trevalli have also occured.  Rob has added a Moon Phase Calendar to the website that you may want to check out. In its early stages but could be handy to plan a Prawning or Gummy evening.  Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

26 January 2014 - Bream above the Island

The 2014 Australia Day was a beautiful fishing day on the lake. Low cooling wind, with sunshine and scattered cloud. Keepers are being taken above the Island and towards Nowa Nowa with some boats returning to the Nowa Nowa Ramp with very good Bream.  On the whole though the Bream continue to be fussy eaters, however the larger ones are tending to take Pilchard or  Prawn.  If you know a few drop offs it maybe the time of the year to check them out. Flathead are the other main catch lower in the lake, but not in big numbers.  We a looking at another hot stretch next week, and only a short break with some rain last week, so expect the Lake to be near very low soon.  Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

18 January 2014 - Catches improving

The hot weather is taking its toll on the lake level, but the increasing temperature of the water 22+ is bringing Flathead on the bite lower down in the lake.  From the Nowa Nowa Arm Power Lines to the Channel Markers, Flathead are good prospects on bait, eg Prawn (Pilchard are a handy alternative) or plastics. Many boats have been returning with Bream.  Evening fishers are having some success in the channel, left from the opening back to Number 2 Jetty with Salmon providing some lively sport.  Some Gummy action has been observed in the surf at the top of the tide, but the waning moon will mean that this will not last long.  A bit of action has been heard of with Prawns, so maybe worth a try.  Take care, and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

13 January 2014 - Flathead near Power Lines

The lake is holding its level quite well, though the hotter weather is beginning to lower it quicker.  Flathead are the best strategy for a meal at the moment with plastics near the power lines in Toorloo Arm giving good sized fish.  Salmon are around in the channel and with a bit of squid will give some one on lake gear a real work out.  If you see small fry in the water up the Nowa Nowa Arm around Reedy Corner, then Glassies as bait can get you over the line.  Take care and easy as you go.  No-Fuss-Guss

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We welcome a new fishing tipster, No Fuss Guss, and at the same time fondly farewell Ian Page, who's tips have been a major attraction on these web pages.  I am also pleased to report that in deference to Ian's excellent piscatorial judgment  we will continue to make his fishing reports available for those who like to consult the past history as a guide to what will happen next.  However as conditions change and fresh news is always appreciated No Fuss Guss will provide the eager angler with timely news of the fishing at Lake Tyers Beach. Stay Tuned!!!
We wish Pagey all the best with his new endeavours and will connect you as soon as possible with his new venture on the Murray, Australia's iconic river.

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